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A Living Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects

A Living Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects
Publisher: Pomegranate Communications
Number Of Pages: 296
Publication Date: 2000-09

From the Publisher
"Three hundred full-color illustrations and elucidating text showcase the work of the Taliesin Architects, a firm started by the students and coworkers of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright after his death in 1959. Guided by a desire to create buildings in harmony with nature; to make a positive contribution to the way people live; and to keep Wright's vision alive, this book offers an overview of Taliesin Architects' work of the past forty years and a succinct summary of his design principles.

"John Rattenbury worked and studied with Frank Lloyd Wright for eight years. Since he cofounded Taliesin Architects, he has designed more than two hundred architectural and planning projects. Rattenbury teaches design and professional practice at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and lectures throughout the United States.

"296 pages, size: 10.5" square. 300 color photographs and drawings. Casebound book, with dust jacket. ISBN: 0-7649-1366-2."--© Pomegranate

Download: lloyd wright_A living architecture.pdf

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