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Daylight & Architecture 02

Daylight and Architecture - issue #2


Jaime Salazar and Jakob Schoof.
the five young architects RAMTV.
the architects Drost + van Veen.
MVRDV, Dekleva & Gregoric, Tham & Videgard Hånsson.
Mankind & Architecture
The Austrian Bernard Rudofsky (1905-1988) is regarded as the re-discoverer of vernacular architectur.
Daylighting details
Fields full of barns covered with black fibre-cement form the characteristic landscape of the “Cambridgeshire Fens”. British architect Meredith Bowles took on this architecture when he built his own residential and office block in the village of Prickwillow.
VELUX Dialogue
Claes Cho Heske Ekornås, the winner of the International VELUX Award 2004 for students of architecture talks about his life as a prospective architect in Oslo, about studying architecture today and about the dream of his own office with like-minded people.

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