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Charles A.Haertling - Architect A.I.A

Charles A. Haertling
Charles A.Haertling rather represents an unusual figure
in the panorama of the organic architecture of last century.
Despite has never belonged to the entourage of the architects
in contact with the masters of that kind of architecture -
F.L.Wright, Bruce Goff e.c.c. - in his brief professional
life has developed an original approach to the organic
organization of the building space, worthy of the best
examples of organic architecture of the time. Haertling was
born in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, in 1928. He began his own
architectural practice in 1957 that lasted 25 years, and
designed over 40 buildings, most of them residential. In all
of his work he considered the design challenge as a trust and
beauty, as a human need and not a luxury. This follows from
the organic architecture principle of enrichment, in which more
is better. This is expressed in a care for controlled detail,
striving for ideals of space, form, functionality and
timelessness. Haertling developed this statement to describe
his method: "The design process is one of painful exhilaration
in human endeavor where one gives ultimate importance to the
problem to being solved, letting the problem itself be an
integrated solution which uses materials and structure void of
distortion of uses untrue to the nature of the material or
process, testing the boundaries of the application so as to
give excitement, variety, adventure and human relation to the
project." Each commission Haertling received involved in-depth
interviews with the client to determine their particular needs.
The personality of the client factored in greatly in the final
resulting design. Even the children in families had their input
in the process. And it was not uncommon that Haertling would have
to tell a client to find another architect in the case that the
chemistry was not right. Charles A.Haertling is death at 55
years of age in 1984.

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