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Daylight & Architecture 03

Daylight and Architecture - issue #3

Congress Centre ‘Magma’, Teneriffe, by Fernando Menis
Natural Surfaces by Udo Küppers
VELUX insight
A dress for special occasions
VELUX panorama
Architects’ office in Ljubljana, reconstruction of the Kotrč mill near Lipnice, and Seehotel am Neuklostersee in Nakenstorf.
Mankind & Architecture
Architectural Weaving
Weaving, one of the oldest cultural techniques known to man, is of outstanding importance to architecture. This special association was recognized long ago by the German architect and theoretician Gottfried Semper (1805–1879). Peter Blundell Jones looks at how Semper’s theories on textile architecture have evolved since the mid 19th Century, and at the links existing between weaving and architecture today.

Daylighting details
Glass as a structural material
Light and materials are inseparably connected, indeed they actually determine each other: neither is visible to the human eye until the two come together. For this reason, great architects have always also allowed themselves to be directed by the light in the choice of their building materials. They use light to draw out contrasts between different materials and they use materials that allow them to create a very specific distribution of light in a room.

VELUX Dialogue
Writings in architectural education
VELUX Dialogue The EAAE Prize: Setting the agenda for architectural education The EAAE Prize aims to stimulate original writings on the subject of architectural education in order to improve the quality of architectural teaching in Europe. Organised biannually the competition focuses public attention on outstanding written work selected by an international jury. The EAAE Prize was first awarded in 1991 and has been sponsored by VELUX since 2001.

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