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Frank Lloyd Wright (by Robert McCarter)

Frank Lloyd Wright
by Robert McCarter
From the Publisher
This monograph explores the underlying themes and principles of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. It examines the consistent and systematic qualities underlying all of Wright's designs. The text's chronological presentation, which emphasizes key designs and those related to them thematically, is paralleled by an examination of the development of three primary principles, simultaneously active in Wright's work, and singled out by him as being of fundamental importance in his understanding of architecture. First, Wright's development of concepts and methods for making architectural space; how these ideas derived from his designs for interior spaces and their experience; and how in Wright's architecture the occupant's movement (position) was critical to the experience of the spatial order (composition). Secondly, Wright's development of concepts and methods for ordering space through the manner of its construction; how this order determined his search for "the nature of materials" and structures. The author then considers the third aspect of Wright's designs: the architect's development of concepts and methods for establishing the relationship between his architecture and the landscape; and how he designed buildings where landscape, interior space and construction materials are woven together to become the setting for the repeated rituals of daily life.

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