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Architectural Record - 04/2010

Architectural Record - April 2010
Record Houses 2010 A World of the Unexpected


* Recounting Modernism
o Houses by Breuer, Neutra, and Schindler present challenges for new designers.

Record Houses Building Type Study
o Record Houses 2010

* Villa Vals, Switzerland
o SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects (CMA)
+ Hole in the wall: submerging a vacation retreat into a tranquil Alpine hillside
* Well Hall, China
o MADA s.p.a.m.
+ Returning to his roots in rural Jade Valley, an architect reinterprets tradition
* Project X, the Netherlands
o Rene van Zuuk Architekten
+ A delicate branch motif etched into fiber cement softens a rigid, rectilinear form
* Pittman Dowell Residence, California
o Michael Maltzan Architecture
+ Unfolding in a spiraling progression, a house offers surprising views
* Woodstock Farm, Vermont
o Rock Joy Architects
+ A shingle-and-stone house and barn redefine a Northeast vernacular
* Tree House, Tokyo
o Masahiro Harada + MAO/Mount Fuji Architects Studio
+ A rustic one-room dwelling resurrects nature as architecture
* Mountain House, California
o Atelier Bow-Wow
+ Humbly constructed, a house treads lightly on its ravaged western landscape
Architectural Technology:
+ Testing Timber?s Limits
# Designers expand the applications for a traditional building material

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