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Architecture overview

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Architecture overview
Architecture overview
Wineries, Galleries, Stadiums, Stores, Lofts, Centres, Towers, Skyscapers,...

Published by Monsa / Edited by Josep Maria Minguet / 259 pages, 300 colour illustrations, 50 b/w / English/Spanish/Portuguese
As in many other fields of work, the new millennium provided the opportunity to examine the current state of architecture internationally and the latest in design, encompassing an impressive range of styles and enormous creativity. Showcased in this publication are projects rebelling against modernity, remaining loyal to tradition alongside those that are actively moving towards the future, embracing new methods and modes of design.

Combining the contributions of up and coming architects with projects of international renown, ranging from wineries to skyscrapers, from lofts to galleries, ‘Architecture Overview' provides a comprehensive overview of the large scale architectural panorama we see around us at the beginning of the Century.

• A visually stunning book combining eyecatching interior and exterior photography with original architectural drawings
• Imaginative use of computer graphics to represent projects in progress i.e. The World Trade Center site
• Concise text providing essential information and design points

Download: DjVu / ~10.8 MB

Download: PDF / ~20 MB

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