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Medical and Dental Space Planning, 3rd Edition
Jain Malkin "Medical and Dental Space Planning, 3rd Edition"
Published by John Wiley & Sons | Publication date : April 2002 | ISBN : 0471385743 | PDF | 627 pages | English | 21.44 MB

This definitive reference offers detailed analyses of more than thirty medical and dental specialties and their respective space planning requirements.
New to the third edition is coverage of new medical specialties including reproductive enhancement, LASIX eye surgery, breast care centers, larger ambulatory centers, and medical oncology. It also offers up-to-date information on digital technology-electronic medical records, digital imaging, diagnostic instruments, and networked communications-and how it impacts the design of medical and dental facilities. You'll also find out about recent changes in regulatory agency reviews of office-based surgery practices and ADA compliance.

The information is organized to make it easy to use and practical. Program tables accompany each medical and dental specialty to help the designer compute the number and size of required rooms and total square footage for each practice. These are among the topics covered:
* Implications for Healthcare Design.
* Practice of Medicine: Primary Care.
* Diagnostic Medicine.
* Ambulatory Surgical Centers.
* Paramedical Suites.
* Impact of Color on the Medical Environment.
* Lighting.
* Researching Codes and Reference Materials.
* Suggested Mounting Heights for View Box Illuminators.
* Medical Space Planning Questionnaire.

This handy reference can be used during interviews for a "reality check" on a client’s program or during space planning. Other features, for example, help untangle the web of compliance and code issues governing office-based surgery. Illustrated with more than 580 photographs and drawings, Medical and Dental Space Planning, Third Edition is an essential tool for:
* physicians and dentists
* practice management consultants
* project managers
* interior designers
* architects
* contractors
* medical managers

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