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Architectural Record - 06/2004

Architectural Record June 2004
The Legacy Continues: Samuel Mockbee, Gold Medalist
  • AIA Awards Introduction: Samuel Mockbee receives the 2004 AIA Gold Medal
  • Architecture Awards: 16 projects cover every possible scale and building type
  • Interior Awards: This year the focus is on renovation and adaptive reuse
  • 25 Year Award: I.M. Pei's East Wing at the National Gallery of the Art is honored
  • Firm of the Year Award: Lake/Flato updates modernism for Texas and beyond
  • Samuel Mockbee: Over a career spanning four decades, Samuel Mockbee's modest brilliance gave architecture a social conscience
  • Interview with I.P. Pei: The master builder reflects on his career and his contribution to the profession
  • 30 St. Mary Axe, London
  • Greenwich Academy Upper School, Connecticut
  • Selfrisges Department Stores, Birmingham, U.K.
Building Types Studies
  • Introduction: Pedestrian Bridges
  • Webb Bridge, Australia
  • Passerelle on the Areuse, Switzerland
  • Puente de la Mujer, Buenos Aires
  • Memorial Bridge, Croatia
  • Floral Street Bridge, England
  • Central street Bridge, Massachusetts
  • Sall Bridge, United Kingdom
  • Houghton Park Pedestrian Skyway, New York
  • Eliran Murphy Group, New York City
  • Huntsman Archtectural Group, San Francisco
  • Clicquot, New York Cityr
  • Grip and Medium One, Toronto
  • Product Design: Gehry Furnishings
  • Interior Products: Tiles of Spain/Cevisima Review
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