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Recording Spaces

Recording Spaces
Publisher: Focal Press | ISBN: 0240515072 | edition 1998 |
Discusses the acoustics of rooms intended for musical performance of many styles, in terms of isolation, internal acoustics, possible techniques of use, and the way that these spaces will interact with the musicians, their instruments, and the microphones. Also included are the concepts of sound isolation, the principal processes at work, and descriptions of actual rooms and techniques.
The book describes how the isolation requirements have their effect on the internal acoustics of the rooms, and how the room treatments must be conceived with such interactions taken into consideration.
Starting from the initial concepts, to the measurements of the finished items, Recording Spaces discusses many different types of room, from vocal `booths' to orchestral rooms. There are many stories of how actual `classical' musical performances, from rock to orchestral, have been inspired, or strongly influenced, by the acoustics of their recording spaces.
The book completes a trilogy of titles, with Studio Monitoring Design and Project Studios complementing each other and covering the subjects of acoustics, monitoring and equipment interfacing which will have relevance from the most meagre studio to the world's finest.

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