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Architectural Record - 2004/03

Architectural Record March 2004
China Builds with Superhuman Speeds, Reinventing It's Cities from the Ground Up
China: Projects and Features
  • China: Moving Heavens and Earth
  • National Grand Theaters, Beijing
  • Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Museum, Xinmin
  • Jian Wai SOHO, Beijing
  • Split House, Beijing
  • Xiantiandl, Shanghai
  • Olympic Portfolio, Beijing
  • Tiantai Museum, Zhejiang Province
  • CCTV Headquarters and TVCC Building, Beijing
  • Projects Taking Shape in China
  • From the Field: Business Blitz
Building Types Studies
  • Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco
  • Lycee Franciais, New York
  • Horace Mann School, California
  • Abbe Science Center, Pennsylvania
  • Peabody Essex Museum, Salem
  • Lighting Designer Gilles Arpin
  • Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall, Nagasaki
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