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Best Interiors № 78-79 - 06.07/2009

Лучшие интерьеры №78-79 (июнь-июль 2009)
Best Interiors № 78-79 (June-July 2009)

Best Interiors Magazine - one of the projects of the publishing house Warner World Media, a market leader in interior design publications. The magazine, devoted only to private and public interiors, and not very high budget, standard and elite. Each room 30-35 interiors from different cities of Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine, Europe and America. Classic, modern, hi-tech, or just good decoration - no matter what style decorated interior - it is important that this is indeed the best interiors.

Download : PDF / 170 pages / 68 Mb Interiors N78.79 2009-06.07_rus.pdf

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