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2G No.33 - Jose Antonio Coderch

2G 33 Jose Antonio Coderch
(kts Tây Ban Nha)
Publisher: Gili; 1st edition (2005) | ASIN: B000GEY6NM | PDF | English | pages:151 | 90 MB

Jose Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat was born in 1913 and died en Barcelona in 1984. These years delimit his life and work. But the great internal coherence of his thinking, distilled within his architecture, goes beyond these temporal limits, his own idiosyncrasy and the reduced geographical framework where it developed, to provide a reflection on architecture from an ethical standpoint. Although, recognised as the most important catalan architect after World War II, this implicit depth is perhaps one of the reasons his work has not been widely disseminated.

Tribute to Coderch.
Text by Kenneth Frampton
Introduction to the architecture of ethics and 1 + 10 houses of Jose Antonio Coderch.
Diez Texts
Works and Projects:
Casa Ugalde, Caldes d'Estrac, Barcelona, 1951-1953
House Ballve, Camprodón, Girona, 1957
Casa Olano, Comillas, Cantabria, 1957
Biosca House, Igualada, Barcelona, 1961
Casa Luque, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, 1964-1966
Gili House, Sitges, Barcelona, 1965-1966
House Entrecanales, Madrid, 1966
Casa Rovira, Canet de Mar, Barcelona, 1967
Casa Soler-Badia, Igualada, Barcelona, 1969-1971
House Zobel, Sotogrande, Cadiz, 1970-1972
Casa Guell, Barcelona, 1971
They are geniuses they need now and Letter to Alison Smithson.
Texts by José Antonio Coderch
Coderch: Ugalde, sunflower and Trade.
Text Oriol Bohigas
Coderch Lamp (1952).
Text Elias Torres

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