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Architectural Record - 11/2003

Architectural Record November 2003
Inside Los Angels: The City Comes of Age with Gehry's Disney Concert Hall
  • Business Week/Architectural Record Awards 2003
  • Julius Shulman: A Photo Essasy
    • The architecture of Southern California, a timeless Eden, through the eyes and lens of master photographer Julius Shulman
  • L.A. Now Project
    • An ambitious project using California's design schools to visualize a new identity and transformation process for Los Angeles.
    • Gehry Parterns
    • The story of how Frank Gehry's design and Lillian Disney;s dream were ultimately rescued to create a materful performance hall.
  • Sylmar Branch Public Library, California
    • Hodgetts + Fung
    • A sleek, linear design for a Southern California library
  • Three Classic Houses, California
    • Three Modernist steel houses sparkle in the California desert.
Building Types Studies
  • Introduction: University Buildings
  • Cal Tech Biological Sciences Center, California
    • Pei Cobb Freed and Smith Group
  • Academic Center for Student Athletes, Louisana
    • Trahan Architects
  • Technology and Learning Center, Michigan
    • Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects
  • Carl Icahn Laboratory, New Jersey
  • Creative Uses
  • Marlin Oliver McCaw Hall, Washington
    • Leni Schwendinger Light Projects; Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
  • Roppongi J, Japan
    • Isometrix Lighting & Design
  • Changi Airport Road Station, Singapore
    • SBLD Studio
  • Lighting Technology
  • Lighting Products
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