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Super Structures

Inklink, Phil Wilkinson, "Super Structures"
Inside the world’s most spectacular buildings
DK CHILDREN | 2008 | ISBN: 0756640881 | 0756640881 pages | PDF | 43,1 MB
From Booklist
In typical DK visual-oriented style, this book presents many different types of man-made structures, beginning with wonders of the ancient world, and ranging all the way forward to Spaceport America, a commercial space-travel facility that is still in its planning and construction phases, with stops at castles, skyscrapers, bridges, towers, and more along the way. Each type of structure is given a general overview before focusing in on inviting spreads of specific examples, such as Neuschwanstein Castle and Hagia Sophia, former place of worship, now a museum. Each spread has a detailed, two-page illustration of the structure with multiple cutaways (a few are foldouts) and fact-bits peppered across the pages. This is followed by a “Building Blocks” section, which provides more photographs, design illustrations, light blueprints, and interesting trivia related to the highlighted structure. The scattershot design makes it all but impossible to read straight through, but readers with a developing interest in architecture or engineering or simply an appreciation for mankind’s most awesome constructions will find much to pore over here. Grades 5-8. --Ian Chipman

5.0 out of 5 stars
This is an astounding book for those who have a fascination with buildings or simply anyone who enjoys a good book!, June 16, 2009 By D. Fowler "Dragonfly77" (Vermont) (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

Every now and then you probably see a building, on television or in your travels, just take a look and it and say WOW! Some buildings are unimaginably beautiful while others are just stupendous and unusual. In school you've probably heard stories about the thousands of people it took just to build the pyramids, the precise measurements involved and the many years it took to build them. In this book you'll see and learn about some of the most amazing architecture in the world. There are frequent scattered sections called "building blocks." These give you an overview of the following building to be discussed. The book discusses things like styles, construction, materials used, laborers, history or other interesting vignettes about them. There are several pages that will surprise you . . . when you go to turn the page you suddenly find a four page, gorgeous spread in front of you!

In this book you will see some amazing "ancient and modern wonders." The types of architecture include castles, palaces, skyscrapers, bridges, buildings in the arts, towers, pyramids, tombs, places of worship, transportation hubs, bizarre buildings and future buildings. Among the many you will see in great detail include the Neuschwanstein, Diocletian's Palace, the Empire State Building, the Millau Viaduct, the Guggenheim Museum, Malaysia's Petronas Towers, the Terra-cotta Army, the Hagia Sophia, the Moscow Underground, Italy's Tower of Pisa and a Spaceport near Upham, New Mexico.

This book has some amazing photography and illustrations. It is surprisingly detailed and one could spend quite a bit of time on one of the more detailed pages. This is a wonderful book for those who have a fascination with buildings or simply anyone who enjoys a good book. When you open this book, you'll be just like a kid in a candy basket, unable to decide what to look at next. In the back of the book there is a detailed glossary and an index. Get ready for a lot of fun with this book . . . even the most reluctant reader won't be able to turn away from its pages!


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