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Itsuko Hasegawa - Master Architect Series II

Itsuko Hasegawa - Master Architect Series II
(Selected and Current Works)
Publisher: Images Publishing Dist A/C | ISBN: 1875498559 | July 21, 2006 |
This review is from: Itsuko Hasegawa (Architectural Monograph No 31) (Paperback)
Architectural projects well illustrated by excellent photos mostly in color; also plans, sections, elevations, hard line axonometric views, hand sketches of excellent quality, and short text descriptions.
Opening up Architecture through Communication by Itsuko Hasegawa 6
A Dialogue-Based Proqramme by Taki Koji 12
Houses 16
House in Kumamoto 24
House in Nerima 30
Atelier in Tomigaya 36
House in Higashitamagawa 44
Shiranui Hospital, Stress Care Centre 52
Nara Silkroad Expo, Asajigahara Rest Area 56
Nagoya World Design Expo Pavilion 62
Shonandal Cultural Centre 70
Sugai Internal Clinic 82
Cona Village 86
STM House 98
Yokohama MM21 Grandmall Project 104
Sumida Culture Factory 108
Footwork Computer Centre 116
Busshoji Elementary School 122
Oshima Machi Picture Book Museum 126
Mount Iwaki Summit Centre 130
Yamanashi Museum of Fruit 134

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