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Architectural Record - 08/2003

Architectural Record August 2003

Shaping Urban Identity
  • CLiebskind and Silverstein reach agreement for WTC site
  • Architects chosen to design Grand Museum of Eqypt
  • A letter to David Childs and Daniel Liebskind
  • When suburbs become mega-suburbs
    • What becomes of suburbs when they stop being residential communities dependent on a city and take on a life of their own?
  • Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, Ohio
    • Zaha Hadid Architects
    • For her firtst building in the United States, Hadid adds some pizzazz to a tight corner site in Cincinnati
  • Hamilton Square Garage and Bridge Cinema, Philadelphia
    • Wood and Zapata
    • A faraga and a cinema bring life to the fringes of a university.
  • Funf Hofe, Germany
    • Herzog & de Meuron
    • Architects seek the European answer to the American mall.
  • Tacoma Art Museum, Washington
    • Antoine Presock Architects
    • A landscape abstraction helps transform an industrial city.
Building Types Study
  • Introduction: Transportation Facilities
  • Transportation Center, Korea
    • Terry Farrell and Partners
  • Termianl Two, Germany
    • Murphy/Jahn
  • Millennium Rail Line, Canada
    • Busby + Associates Architects
  • McNamara Terminal, Michigan
    • SmithGroup
  • Creative Uses
  • Mkie Showroom
    • Jump Studios
  • Hungerford Bridge
    • Speirs and Major Assoicates
  • SEA
    • Charoonkit Thahong
  • Euroluce Review
  • Lightfair International Review
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