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Architectural Record - 02/2003

Architectural Record February 2003
Seeking the Shape of Green: Forster and Partners' Design for London City Hall
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Rebuilding Lower Manhattan
  • AIA Honor Award Winners
  • Pentagon Memorial
  • How Green Buildings are Smarter and Safer
    • The unexpected side benefuts of energy-savings technology
  • City Hall, London, England
    • Foster and Partners
    • An accessible city building gives green buildings a new shape
  • Norddeutsche Landesbank, Hannover, Germany
    • Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner
    • A glimmering, energy-efficient headquaters rises in Hannover
  • Computer Science Building, Toronto, Canada
    • Busby + Associates Architects
    • A Canadian building achieves sustainability without fanfare
Building Types Study
  • Introduction: Libraries
  • Saxon State Library, Dresden, German
    • Ortner & Ortner Baukunst
  • Nashville Public Library, Tennessee
    • Robert A.M. Stern Architects
  • Troyes Mediatheque, Troyes, France
    • Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
  • Mary Baker Eddy Library, Massachusetts
    • Ann Beha Architects
  • Creative Uses
  • Friends Meeting House, New York City
    • Tillett Lighting Design
  • Boon, Seoul, South Korea
    • LOT/EK
  • LIT, Oklahoma City
    • Elliott + Associates
  • Lighting Technology
  • Lighting Products
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