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Architectural Record - 07/2007


Architectural Record July 2007
Steven Holl Lights Up The Skies of Kansas City

  • Made to Measure
    • Three small projects balance experiment and vision with restraint.
    • Nelson-Atkins Memorial of Art, Missouri
      • Steven Holl Architects
      • A much lauded addition megers at, architecture, and landscape.
    • Reina Sofia Palace of the Arts, Spain
      • santiago Calatrava
      • A critical look at the exuberant and controversial opera house
    • Olympic Sculpture House, Washington
      • Weiss/Manfredi Archiecture
      • Inserting art and design into a once gritty waterfront.
    • New Music Building, Montreal
      • Saucier + Perriotte
      • A building delivers high-energy withoutexcess to an urban campus
      Building Types Study
    • Introduction: K-12 Schools
    • Camino Nueve High School, California
      • Daly Geniik Architects
    • Rosa Parks Elemntary School, Washington
      • Mahlum Architects
    • The Reece School, New York City
      • Platt Byard Dovel White Architects
      Architectural Technology
    • Toward a Cybernetic Site
      • Three new projects reinterpretsite construction
    • Coconut House
      • Lee + mundwiler architects
    • Low Country Residence
      • Frank Harmon Architect
    • Inverted Guest House
      • Peter L. Gluck and Partners, Architects
    • Les Abouts House
      • Atelier Pierre Thibault

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