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The Architectural Review - 05.2009

The Architectural Review, May 2009

This month’s Architectural Review is out now, and features a rebuilt church in earthquake-hit central Italy, designed by Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas; public housing in Paris, by Jakob + MacFarlane; a pavilion to showcase Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy in Buffalo, New York, by Toshiko Mori; a new community centre in Dublin, by O’Donnell + Tuomey; the new Kőpenick Library in Berlin, by Bruno Fioretti Marquez; a larch-clad hotel in a Norwegian national park, by Jensen & Skodvin; and David Chipperfield’s reworking of the Neues Museum in Berlin.
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Architectural Review, May 2009
Also in this issue, Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, winner of this year’s Pritzker Prize, tells us why he’s no saint – and no service provider; author Robert Bevan examines the unravelling of humanitarian laws in Gaza following the recent Israeli offensive; and we report on the future of low-carbon design from the AR/Protek roundtable in Cannes – the ‘Kyoto of the Cities’. And to accompany our feature on the Neues Museum in Berlin, historian Alan Balfour shows how the reborn museum marks the latest stage in the architectural and political evolution of the Spreeinsel, Berlin’s historic museum island.
Architectural Review, May 2009
Architectural Review, May 2009
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