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Investing in Hospitals of the Future

Investing in Hospitals of the Future (Observatory Studies Series) By B. Rechel, S. Wright, N. Edwards, B. Dowdeswell, M. McKee
Publisher: World Health Organization | ISBN: 9289043040 | edition 2009 | PDF | 321 pages | 2,95 mb

Despite considerable investments in health facilities worldwide, little systematic evidence is available on how to plan, design and build new facilities that maximize health gain and ensure that services are responsive to the legitimate expectations of users. This book brings together current knowledge about key dimensions of capital investment in the health sector. A number of issues are examined, including new models of long-term care, capacity planning, the impact of capital investment on the health care workforce, markets and competition, systems used for procurement and financing, the whole lifecycle of health facilities, facility management, the wider impact of capital investment on the local community and economy, how care models can be translated into capital asset solutions, and issues of therapeutic and sustainable design. This book is of value to those interested in the planning, financing, construction, and management of new health facilities. It identifies critical lessons that increase the chances that capital projects will be successful.

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