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Architectural Record - 03.2005

Architectural Record March 2005
Modernism Reign in Spain
  • Where Architecture is Urban Design: Bilbao and Barcelona demonstrate a new model for making cities
  • The Spanish Import/Export Business: As foreign architects flock to Spain, Spainards explore aboard
  • Baluarte Auditorium and Hall, Pamplona
  • Presidential Compound, Santiago de Compostela
  • Teatro el Musical, Valencia
  • Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid
  • Guadakquivir River Promenade, Cordoba
  • Jerez City Planning Offices, Jerez
  • MUSAC, Leon
Building Types Studies
  • Introduction: Restoration
  • Stone Barns Center, New York
  • Pierson College, New Haven
  • 78 Derngate, England
  • Hyde Park Barn, Chicago
  • Chess park, Rios Clementi Hale Studios
  • The Galleria, Arup Lighting
  • Austin Convention Center, James Carpenter Design Associates
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