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Residences for the Elderly - Architectural Design

Residences for the Elderly - Architectural Design
English/Spanish | PDF | 235 Pages

“At the end of the 20th century, the longevity of modern man and the lack of time of the younger population to take care of elderly people led to a profound analysis of the new environments and the search for a suitable habitat for the elderly. The new architectures and building technologies offer a wide range of specific solutions that help to improve the living conditions of the elderly.
This book presents several models of architecture for the elderly, with details of schemes for geriatric homes, reception centres and special residential projects by architects from different countries as Toyo Ito, Mahler, Gunster & Fьchs, MVRDU, Wiel Arets, Vicens and Ramos, Architecture Studio”.

Download : 73 Mb Design - Residences for the Elderly.pdf

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