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Architectural Record - 04/2006

Architectural Record April 2006
Record Houses 2006
  • Las Arenas Beach House, Peru
    Artadi Architects
    A Modernist white box opens up to breathe in the Pacific
  • Stilt Cabin, Washington
    Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen
    Perched high, a diminutive house brings the outside in
  • Lotus House, Japan
    Kengo Kuma and Associates
    Achieving lightness and transparency with a veil of travertine
  • Box House, Colorado
    Maya Lin Studio
    Quiet yet animated, a house rises among the Rockies high peaks
  • New England House, New England
    Office dA
    Clad in cedar and rubber, a home becomes a site-specific artwork
  • Field House, Wisconsin
    Casa Tolo, Portugal
    Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira
    A home cascades down a steep slope through terraced gardens
  • Xeros Residence, Arizona
    Blank Studio
    Rusted wire mesh and corrugated steel capture desert hues
Architectural Technology
    Robo Building: Pursing the Interactive Envelope
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