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Architectural Record - 05/2006

Architectural Record May 2006
Lost Angeles: Where La Dolce Vita Meets Sunset Strip

  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha wins Pritzker Prize
  • Ground Zero held up by lease issues
  • Photo Eassay: Night for Night
  • What is the future of the Los Angeles?
    • Four prominent voices chime in on the city's cultural relevance
  • Getty Villa, Malibu
    • Machado and Silvetti Associates
    • A renovation and an expanzion offer a new approach to the museum
  • Redelco House, Studio City
    • Pugh+Scarpa
    • Los Angeles version of the classic Modern house is alive and well
  • FDIM Design Studio, Los Angeles
    • Clive Wilkinson Architects
    • A Minimalist, glam interior inspires fashion institute students
  • Jai House, Los Angeles
    • Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects
    • Where cineman and Eastern meditiation meet mountainous terrain
  • Science Center School, Los Angeles
    • Morphosis Architechts
    • A bold, brash school brings unique energy to a dismal building type.
Building Types Study
  • Introduction: Libraries
  • Hyde Park Library, California
    • Hodgetts + Fungs Design and Architecture
  • Quincie Douglas Library, Arizona
    • Richard + Bauer
  • Ballard Library, Washington
    • Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
  • Caltrans Building, Horton Leed Brogden Lighting Design
  • Warner Bros. Studio Plaza, Lighting Design Alliance
  • Marc Jacobs Shops, Cooley Monato Studio
  • Lighting Profile: Allison Berger
  • Lighting Products
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