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Restaurant Design (daab)

Daab, "Restaurant Design"
daab | ISBN: 3937718028 | September 30, 2004 | 399 pages

Product Description

There are a few planning tasks that so clearly show the effects of globalization as the design of restaurants. This often has less to do with the uniformity of international companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds, but rather individual concepts - the main theme of this book - with diversity like ever. Contemporary Restaurant Design, however, seems to be taking less and less notice of regional culture, at least in cities. Whether Mark Newson creates a property in London or New York, the design displays his signature, unmistakeably and regardless of location. Just as chefs around the world amalgamate different national and regional cuisines into "fusion", so are new worlds of special experience constructed, with unusual combinations of style, colors, materials and lighting. This publication presents 57 examples of this phenomenon, from cities all over the world. On 400 pages with more than 600 vivid colour images and sketches, it shows a diverse range of the newest developments in restaurant design from around the world - a wonderful source of inspiration.

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