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The Architecture of the Jumping Universe

The Architecture of the Jumping Universe
- A Polemic - How Complexity Science Is Changing Architecture and Culture
By Charles Jencks
Publisher: Academic Press
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1997-05-19
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0471977489
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780471977483

Book Description:
Charles Jencks has the uncanny capacity to announce a
new movement in architecture before it has begun. With
Post-Modernism, he was looking to the past. Now, for the
first time, with his new book on morphogenesis he is
taking a look at the future. There is no question that
his argument will have an important critical effect on
architecture at the beginning of the new millennium. Peter
Eisenman. Architect A new paradigm is sweeping through
science, changing both our view of the universe and of
mankind. Charles Jencks is one of a handful of thinkers
with the courage to embrace the emerging paradigm and
interpret it architecturally. This inspired synthesis of
art, design, science and philosophy charts a bold new
course not only for architecture, but for Post-Modern
thought. Paul Davies, Professor of Natural Philosophy,
University of Adelaide, author of The Cosmic Blueprint,
Superforce, The Mind of God and other books on contemporary
science. Who else could have written a book that opens up
such cosmic perspectives and still make such neat, sharply
focused comments on particular architects and particular
styles of architecture? Who else could range with such zest,
ease and elegance from Chaos to Bruce Goff, from Coleridge
to Frank Gehry, from Complexity Theory to Green Buildings?
The old question of in which style should we build can
never be addressed in the same way again. Charles Jencks
has brought purpose back into architecture. His teleology
may transcend what architects are used to, but Jencks
manages to make far more sense out of our contemporary
architectural dilemmas than practically all the other
books in the RIBA book shop. Francis Duffy, Chairman of
DEGW International Ltd.

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