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Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual

Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual By Mark Dudek
Publisher: Birkhäuser Basel | ISBN: 376437053X | edition 2007 | PDF | 255 pages | 20 mb
In a global economy, the importance of education is now widely recognized. Furthermore, in the wake of international assessment studies, schools and kindergartens have become a focus of great public interest. As a new generation of educational environments are designed and built, this Design Manual illustrates the most up-to-date educational strategies and how they are realized in built form.
With 80 case studies from Europe, North America and the Pacific Region, this is an essential guide for architects involved in the design of schools and kindergartens. This specialized field encompassing ever-changing educational theories is explained in the context of varying national and regional approaches. Among the key themes analyzed are aspects such as the impact of modern communication technology, urban integration or internal circulation. The book will also be of interest to educationalists, parents and the wider community.

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