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Introduction to Architectural Science: The Basis of Sustainable Design

Introduction to Architectural Science: The Basis of Sustainable Design
By Szokolay

Publisher: Architectural Press 2008 | 358 Pages | ISBN: 0750687045 |
Second Edition.
Introducing the basics of architectural science, this book is an ideal reference, providing an understanding of the physical basis of architectural design. The knowledge gained from this book equips the reader with the tools to realize the full potential of the good intentions of sustainable, bioclimatic design.
All sections have been revised and updated for this second edition including more information on small scale energy generation methods and techniques. The book has also been reformatted to be even more accessible, with a larger page size and colour printing.
* Fully updated popular reference on the essentials of Architectural Science
* Reformatted and reorganised for greater ease of use
* Covers principles of heat, light, sound and energy control in just one volume
About the Author
By Dr. Steven Szokolay, dip. arch., m.arch., PhD

Download :
PDF | 3 MB

"Introduction to Architectural Science" - First edition
Architectural Press | 2003-10 | ISBN: 0750658495 | 320 pages |
Download : PDF | 5 MB

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