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The Garden As Architecture

The Garden As Architecture - Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China, and Korea
By Toshiro Inaji
Publisher: Kodansha International (JPN)
Number Of Pages: 204
Publication Date: 1998-09
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 477001712X
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9784770017123
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
Gardens and their related architecture have always been
designed in Japan, China, and Korea as a single, cohesive
environment. The particular forms that these environments
took over the centuries naturally reflect each country's
differing aesthetic principles, but were also governed by
other concerns--from religious beliefs and social structure
to simple spatial or climatic constraints. In his exploration
of the history of garden design in the Far East, Toshiro
Inaji offers a fascinating study of changing cultural and
aesthetic values.
The Garden as Architecture is the first book published in
English to focus on the strikingly different interpretations
made by these three countries--in their gardens and
architecture--of the Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist, and
geomantic principles that have informed their cultures since
ancient times. This pioneering study makes clear just how and
why the approaches taken by neighboring countries were so
Inaji begins by looking at extant gardens in Japan, China,
and Korea, and then traces back over the broad social,
philosophical, and cultural circumstances that gave rise to
period forms, in an effort to uncover what residential gardens
and architecture were understood to mean at significant turning
points in their development. He defines the prototype of
garden-and-residential environments in each country, and
considers the ways in which specific design solutions express
the prototype while also meeting the functional criteria of a
site. This approach gives readers the deep background they need
to view gardens of the Far East with a more informed eye. It
reveals--and demystifies--the genius of these
garden-and-architectural environments.
This heavily illustrated, comprehensive volume contains more
than 150 photographs of the most significant gardens and
related architecture in the Far East. Additional information
is provided by nearly 200 schematic line drawings. The Garden
as Architecture is a milestone in Western access to the
traditions of Far Eastern garden design, architecture, and
More than 150 photographs
Nearly 200 schematic line drawings

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