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Intelligent Skins

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Michael Wigginton and Jude Harris "Intelligent Skins"
Published by Architectural Press | Publication date : March 2002 | ISBN : 0750648473 | PDF Format, 186 pages | English | 8.8 MB

Looking to the future, “Intelligent Skins” sets out the principles for the design of the intelligent building envelope. It highlights an exciting new approach to the area, where the fabric of the building responds to external changes and internal demands.

The prime objective is to control internal environments through a responsive building fabric rather than by energy consuming building services systems. The authors examine the potential for integral intelligence within the fabric of the building and explore the evolution of information technology and smart materials which have allowed a whole new category of design principles to be created.

Some of the highlighted features :
• Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the evolution of the “Intelligent Skin”
• Explores a new approach to Intelligent Buildings, focusing on the fabric of the building responding to external changes and internal demands
• Includes over twenty cutting-edge international case studies

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