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Ten Houses 03 - Peter Gluck and Partners

Peter L. Gluck and Partners "Ten Houses: Peter Gluck and Partners"
Published by Rockport Publishers | Publication date : February 1997 | ISBN : 1564963144 | PDF | 108 pages | English, Japanese | 40.2 MB

This book represents an extrodianry environmental focus for design. The houses created by the Miller/Hull Partnership display architecture originality combined with a keen knowledge of the northwest. Each house is created in harmony with it's surrounding environment--a beautiful representation of both art and archecture.
The Ten Houses series makes the most important elements of architectural design available to a large and varied audience. Each infinitely useful volume presents one of the world’s foremost architects and features 10 of his or her finest residential works-including presentation, drawings, sketches, and working drawings. These full-color, highly affordable volumes will enhance any library, providing an essential reference for architecture students and individuals looking for home design ideas.

Download : Peter L. Gluck.rar

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