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Canadian Architect - 03/2008

Canadian Architect - March 2008
Table of Contents

The Light Of Day
Built On A Modest Budget, This Suburban Church Derives Inspiration From Light-- Captured By Its Metal-Clad Exterior And In Its Plane-Shifting Interior Spaces.

Switch Plates
A Dream Commission From A First-Time Developer Allows An Emerging Architecture Firm In Manhattan To Design A Refreshingly Innovative Spec Building On The Lower East Side.

Pet Project
The Headquarters For A Multinational Pet Supply Manufacturer In Quebec Achieves Lofty Sustainable Objectives While Providing A Healthy Work Environment For Its Employees.

Concrete Solutions
A Construction Company Enjoys The Benefits Of Commissioning Its Own Training Facility With A Focus On Honest Detailing, Sustainability And Landscape Architectural Elements.



A travelling exhibition of recent work by John Hartman reveals poignant characteristics of the city, apparent in the abstracted quailties of his oil paintings.


Remapping The World

As A Jury Member For The 2007 Aga Khan Award For Architecture, Architect And Professor Brigitte Shim Discusses The Importance Of This Unique Awards Program.


Ummah Cum Laude;Remapping The World

Through The Leadership Of The Aga Khan, An Ambitious 17-Acre Redevelopment In Suburban Toronto Will Bring Two Global Cultural Institutions To Canada Supporting Art And Culture In The Ummah, Or Muslim ...


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