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Architectural Record October - 10/2005

Architectural Record October 2005
Confronting Nature: The Aftermath of Hurrican Katrina
  • Landform Future: Architects & Landscape Architects are engaging topography
  • Photo Essay: Star Axis
  • Chichu Art Museum, Japan
  • Arnold Arboretum Leventritt Shrub and Vine Garden, Boston
  • Cesar Manrique Foundation Studio, Canary Island
  • Paul Klee Center, Switzerland
  • Water Purification Facility and Park, Connecticut
Building Types Studies
  • Introduction: Airport
  • Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain
  • Ben Gurion Terminal 3, Israel
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Terminal D, Texas
  • Sea-Tac South Terminal Expansion, Washington
  • Introduction: California's antisprawl solution
  • 700 Palms Residence, Stephen Ehrlich Architects
  • Lee Tree House
  • Santa Barbara Residence, Nick Noyes Architecture
  • 310 Waverly Residence, David Baker & Partners Architects
  • Wood & Resilient Flooring
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