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Canadian Architect - 02/2008

Canadian Architect - February 2008

Table of Contents
Animal House
A New Facility For Lemurs At Edmonton's Valley Zoo Sets A New Standard For Animal Care And Leads The Discussion On The Preservation Of Wild Habitats.
Island Hoping
Costing $745 Million And Taking Nearly Nine Years To Complete, An Extension To Montreal's Orange Line Opened Up Last Summer, Carrying 50,000 Commuters Daily Between The Islands Of Laval And Montreal.
Pragmatic Utopia
Many Lessons Can Be Learned From Copenhagen--a City That Embraces Public Life Even During The Winter, And Whose Architects Design Innovative, Practical, Yet Still Poetic Buildings.

Slicing Through History
A Landmark Delicatessen Lives On In Montreal, Thanks To The Work Of The McCord Museum.
In Full View: Public Space In Montreal
The Evolution Of Public Space Design In Montreal Is Veering Towards Minimal Expression To Support The Natural Ebb And Flow Of Human Activity.
Preliminary designs for MUHC's Mountain Campus announced.
Everything In Place
Seeing Digitally
With Film Technology Being Rendered Obsolete, A Few Essential Concepts Are Required To Ensure The Successful Documentation Of Your Project Using Digital Photographic Equipment.
A Young Architect Who Might Otherwise Be Coordinating Door Schedules In A Chicago Architecture Firm

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