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Excellence in Concrete Construction through Innovation

Excellence in Concrete Construction through Innovation: Proceedings of the conference held at the Kingston University, United Kingdom, 9 - 10 September 2008
By Mukesh C Limbachiya, Hsein Y. Kew
Publisher: Taylor & Francis | 594 pages | 2008-09-03 | ISBN: 0415475929 | English |

Product Description:

The concrete industry has embraced innovation and ensured high levels of long-term performance and sustainability through creative applications in design and construction. As a construction material, the versatility of concrete and its intrinsic benefits mean it is still well placed to meet challenges of the construction industry. Indeed, concrete has kept evolving to satisfy ever more stringent, as well as demanding design requirements and calls to improve the performance. This has been achieved through the introduction of new constituent materials, technologies and construction methods.

The current challenges faced by concrete construction may not necessarily be the same as those in the future. However, an ongoing programme of innovation and product development means that concrete should continue to provide cost effective sustainable solutions that are able to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

This book is a collection of papers presented at the International Conference on Excellence in Concrete Construction through Innovation (Kingston-upon-Thames, UK, 9–10 September 2008). Excellence in Concrete Construction through Innovation deals with recent innovation in concrete science, technology and practice, and discusses challenges from new materials, technologies,
environmental concerns and economic factors in maintaining concrete construction excellence. The book will be of interest to engineers, designers, researchers and scientists.

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