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Baumschlager - Eberle 2002-2007: Architecture, People and Resources

Winfried Nerdinger, E. Hueber, Judith Wolfframm, D. Steiner, G. Ullmann, K. Daniels, M. Corrodi, O. Herwig, C. Fuchs, V. M. Lampugnani, A. Lepik, O. Schoch, A. Simon, G. Walden, "Baumschlager - Eberle 2002-2007: Architektur, Menschen und Ressourcen / Architecture, People and Resources"
Springer | 2007 | ISBN: 3211714685 | 232 pages | PDF | 50,1 MB

Core of the self from Baumschlager-Eberle is to consider architecture as a holistic task, whose complexity is fulfilled only when a building with all the requirements as equivalent to constructive intelligence, ecology, economy and social acceptance. The book takes this approach and the content is divided into three parts:

In the "architecture" will be 18 new, unrealized projects, presented the agency, classical, through images, texts and plans. "People" highlights the use of certain aspects of selected buildings and explores the question according to their social acceptance. "Resources" checks all objects presented in this framework for their sustainability.

The book fits into the series of so far been a Baumschlager & Eberle, published by Springer monographs and attaches directly to the most recently published publication.
Download: - Eberle 2002-2007.pdf

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