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Dictionary of Architecture and Construction

Cyril M. Harris, "Dictionary of Architecture and Construction"
McGraw-Hill Professional | 2005-08-15 | ISBN: 0071452370 | 1040 pages |

This massive compendium by a renowned architectural editor and 50 expert contributors features over 2300 line drawings and clear, concise definitions of more than 27,000 important architecture and construction terms. The most definitive reference in the field, Cyril M. Harris's Dictionary of Architecture and Construction brings you the broadest possible coverage of the language of architecture and building construction. Special care has been taken to include the latest terms in legal areas, technologies, techniques, materials, organizations, historic architectural styles, and architectural trends.
This essential dictionary is one of the most trusted references in architecture and building technology -- cited in numerous other leading references and recommended by the faculties of many top schools. It covers drawings and specifications ... building products and materials, including their design, appearance, performance, installation, and testing ... finishes, coatings, and surfacings ... types of units, assemblies, systems, and modules ... tools, devices, machines, and construction equipment, and much more. It's the one definitive resource every architect and contractor needs to own.
Revised, updated, and expanded, this comprehensive new edition features:
* More than 27,000 definitions in clear, concise language
* Over 2300 illustrations
* Full coverage of new technologies and new building materials
* Expanded emphasis on legal, organizational, and historic architectural terms, reflecting their increased importance in the field
Download: PDF | 22,1 MB of Architecture & Construction.pdf

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