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Architectural Record - 10/2008

Architectural Record October 2008
Buildings Get Real Special Issue: Design with Conscience
  • Design with Conscience
    • Record examines the juncture of humanitarianism and architecture.
  • Do-Bad Architecture
    • Assessing the influence of socially responsible architecture.
  • Ban-Aid
    • Japanese legend Shigeru Ban discusses architects? duty to do good.
  • Inbox
    • Record asks three designers to help redefine the refugee experience.
  • Biloxi Clues
    • The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio helps rebuild after Katrina.
  • Profiles Introduction: You Can Go Home Again
    • Hashim Sarkis, Urban-Think Tank, and Joe Addo go back to their roots.
  • Hashim Sarkis
    • An architect splits his time between the U.S. and his native Lebanon.
  • Urban-Think Tank
    • A design team takes their services to the Venezuelan barrios.
  • Joe Addo
    • Combining advanced techniques with traditional methods in Ghana.
  • Teaching By Example
    • Eight design-build educators participate in a roundtable forum.
    Building Types Study
  • Introduction: Civic Buildings
  • 5.4.7 Arts Center, Kansas
    • Studio 804
  • Gentry Library, Arkansas
    • Marlon Blackwell Architect
  • Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, London
    • Haworth Tompkins
    Architectural Technology
    • Getting High Design from a Low-Tech Approach
      • Socially minded architects turn to time-tested building techniques
  • 26th Street Housing
    • Kanner Architects
  • Mount Rainier Artist Lofts
    • HGA Architects and Engineers
  • Evangel Hall
    • architectsAlliance
  • Prkerview Terraces
    • Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning and Fougeron Architecture
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