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Architectural Record - 04/2007


Architectural Record April 2007
Record Houses 2007

  • Just Add Water
    • Seven swimming pools offer leisure and sensory experience
      Building Types Study
    • Record Houses 2007
    • VILLa NM, New York
      • UNStudio
      • Putting a 21st century spin on the Midcentury Modern Aesthetic
    • Ring House, Japan
      • Takei-Nabeshima-Architects (TNA)
      • A dimunetive steps into the forest with a minimal footprint
    • Brown House, Omaha
      • Randy Brown Architects
      • A product of improvisation, an architect's home is a living laboratory
    • CasaPoli, Chile
      • Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects (PvE)
      • High on a coastal cliff, a massive concrete cube speaks to its site
    • Ohana Guest House, Hawaii
      • Cutler Anderson Architects
      • A carefully crafted house hugs the Big Island's windswept tip
    • Christ Church Tower, London
      • Boyarsky Murphy Architects
      • The high life: An 11 -story home rises in an inconic church tower
    • Loblolly House, Maryland
      • KeirnanTimberlake Associates
      • Using all prefab elements, an architect tests a building method

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