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Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings & Projects 1965-2000

Gwathmey Siegel
Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings & Projects 1965-2000
Publisher: Universe Publishing | ISBN: 0789304015 | August 19, 2000 | PDF | ~28 Mb | 166 Pages

The international residential, commercial, and institutional work that positioned this New York firm among the world's architectural elite is featured in this volume, which takes an unprecedented look at Gwathmey Siegel's contributions over the last 35 years. More than 30 projects are documented in photographs, drawings, and descriptions. From Charles Gwathmey's design and construction of Gwathmey Studio and House to the Levitt Center for University Advancement at the University of Iowa, this is the most complete survey of the firm's work published. It reveals the Gwathmey Siegel design philosophy and certifies why their work, along with that of Frank Gehry, Robert Stern, and Richard Meier, is the most powerful in American architecture.

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Archmodels vol.53 - Office furnitures

Home page : >>>

Archmodels Vol. 53Archmodels Vol. 53Archmodels Vol. 53
Archmodels vol. 53
This collection comes with 70 models of office furniture. where you can find tables, shelfs, wardrobes, chest, drawers, desks.
Download : PDF-Review

Formats: V-Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
Download :
- Vray file: furnitures.rar

Download Full:
3ds - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)
Dxf - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)
Fbx  - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)
Obj  - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)
Mxs   - object prepared for Maxwell Studio Renderer v.1.5
Maxwell  *.max - with textures and shaders
Mental Ray   *.max - with textures and shaders
V-Ray *.max  - with textures and shaders
*.max - object prepared for 3ds max 9 or higher

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Retail Design

Retail Design
Product Details
* Hardcover: 239 pages
* Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company (November 2000)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 3823854577
* ISBN-13: 978-3823854579
* Product Dimensions: 22.6 x 11.6 x 1.2 inches

From the Publisher
Retail Design offers an intriguing look at number of outstanding retail spaces that not only face these challenges with ingenuity and imagination, but provide customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Highlighted here are forty-five different solutions offered by some of today's most sought-after architects and designers from all over the world. Names well-known to the marketplace--Nike, Tower Records, Swatch, Jil Sander, Armani, Hermes, Comme de Garçons, Sony, Daimler/Chrysler, and Bloomingdales-are attached to wondrously conceived boutiques and stores in cities ranging from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to London, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Each full-color spread illustrates how the use of space, interior design, color, lighting, and materials all serve to create environments that engage and attract the buyer. The accompanying text explains how the various types of retail environments-from corporate flagship stores and elite boutiques to mega-malls and department stores-have been reinvented to bring consumer and product together in a multi-faceted, supremely physical shopping experience that no computer could ever match.

About the Author
Otto Riewoldt has worked as an editor for German magazines and broadcasting stations and now works as a consultant to European companies on architecture, design and corporate communication projects. He has curated numerous European exhibitions in collaboration with architects and designers such as Jean Nouvel, Ettore Sottsass, Philippe Starck and Alessandro Mendini. His previous books include New Office Design, Intelligent Spaces: Architecture for the Information Age, and Hotel Design.

Download : PDF / 152 Mb / 121 pages Design.pdf

Download : JPG / 149 Mb / 120 files

AD - Programming Cultures

Programming Cultures: Architecture, Art and Science in the Age of Software Development
(Architecture Design)
Publisher: Academy Press | ISBN: 0470025859 | edition 2006 |
Programming Cultures explores the relationship between engineering and the various disciplines that benefit from new codes and programming tools. The title focuses on a range of practices including: aviation design, urban infrastructure simulation, Hollywood special effects, nanotechnology, mathematics and architecture. In terms of building design,Programming Cultures specifically examine's the potential of new software designed to solve specific visualization and data processing problems from within the profession. The book allows architects to become more familiar withprogramming rather than basing their work on appropriated systems designed for non-architectural applications (Maya, 3D Studio MAX etc.) and will become a primer for an emerging culture of students; academics and young professionals that are starting to outgrow the predetermined structure of today’s most popular modeling and animation packages.

Download: PDF | 134 pages | 15 mb

AD - Food and the City

Food and the City (Architectural Design)
May / June 2005, Vol. 75, No. 3

Publisher: Academy Press | ISBN: 0470093285 | edition 2005 |
Food and the City makes the relationships between food and the city visible by exploring both the ways in which buying and eating food have become such a significant part of urban public life, and the ways in which design supports and enhances the place of food in the city. It is timely because the proliferation ofurban cafes, restaurants, and markets continues, but is not sufficiently recognized or analyzed. Food related topics are now of great interest in academic and design disciplines but the theme of this issue, food as it relates to the variety and vitality ofurban life, has not been addressed. Food and the City, will develop ideas from the popular Food and Architecture (2002). Contents include: Raw, Medium, Well Done: A Typological Reading of Australian Cafes by Jane Lawrence & Rachel Hurst; Blurring Boundaries, Defining Place: The New Hybrid Space of Dining by Gail Satler; The New and the Rare: Gourmet Food in the Japanese Department Store by Masaaki Takahashi; Tasting the Periphery: Bangkok’s Agri and Aqua-cultural Fringe by Brian McGrath & Danai Thaitakoo; “Big Sign” Dining in Hong Kong: The City as Dining Room by Jeffrey W. Cody and Mary C. Day; Taste, Sound and Smell: On the Street in Chinatown and Little Italy by Nisha Fernando; What’s Eating Manchester? Gastro-culture andUrban Regeneration David Bell & Jon Binnie; Designing the Gastronomic Quarter by Susan Parham

Download: PDF | 128 pages | 16,2 mb

AD - The New Europe

The New Europe (Architectural Design)
May / June 2006, Vol. 76, No. 3)

Publisher: Academy Press | ISBN: 0470018399 | edition 2006 |
In May 2004, Europe was redefined. Ten countries - Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia - joined the European Union (EU). Two years on, the full impact of the forces this historical event has unleashed has yet to be understood. For not only is the expansion having an unequivocal bearing on 'old' Europe, it is also helping to change the countries of 'new Europe'. As the economic and the political balance of the enlarged EU is being redrawn, the identities of the newly joined countries is in flux - the majority of the joining states being under Communist rule less than two decades ago. Contemporary architecture in these 10 countries necessarily presents itself as a process that is anything but linear. It must deal with hybridisation, with new global trends, as well as with the permanence of structures and national heritage. Architects, mostly practising in the private rather than public sphere, are contending with the various political inconsistencies of administrations undergoing change. The very different panorama in each new member state avoids generalisation. As a broken mirror, this issue of AD does not pretend to provide anything but a partial - though authentic - view of the very crucial issues that contemporary architecture has to cope with. Local contributors look at the transformation of the city and national heritage, while also spotting a new generational fringe of local architects. The ethnic diversity drawn by this publication excites with its cultural richness, but also raises the looming question of what the identity of the new Europe might constitute in the future

Download: PDF | 128 pages | 16 mb

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El Croquis 112/113 - JEAN NOUVEL (1994-2002)

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JEAN NOUVEL 1994-2002
El Croquis 112/113
347 pages.


Interview [A conversation with Jean Nouvel]
García Grinda, Efrén

The symbolic order of matter
Díaz Moreno, Cristina

EXPO 2002

PDF / 340 pages Croquis 112_113 Jean Nouvel.pdf

JPG / 339 files Nouvel.pdf

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Interiores 122 - 04/2010

Interiores #122 - April 2010

Interior magazine you discover new solutions to make your home a unique and comfortable space. A publication of high-end, designed especially for women, urban and cosmopolitan look to the latest trends, elegance and value to your home.

Download : PDF | 165pages | 56,8 Mb | Spanish 122 2010-04.pdf

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - 04/2010

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine April 2010
English | 148 Pages | 103MB | True PDF

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine is Atlanta's premier publication that focuses on entertaining, gardens, food, remodeling, travel and real estate. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles offers ideas on subjects such as interiors and design, arts and antiques and local personalities and events. This upscale magazine, published since 1983, showcases outstanding area homes and landscapes, provides entertaining and gardening tips, and singles out people to watch.

Download: 2010-04.pdf

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Architect Magazine - 03/2010

Home page : >>>

Architect Magazine - March 2010

ARCHITECT provides a complete suite of information services for the 21st century architect. With breaking news, savvy business tips, and state-of-the-art design inspiration, ARCHITECT is the place to go for professional success. ARCHITECT offers architecture news, market intelligence, business and technology solutions, continuing education, building products, and other resources for practicing architects.

Download: English | PDF | 84 pages | 30,6 Mb 2010-03.pdf

Introduction to Architectural Science: The Basis of Sustainable Design

Introduction to Architectural Science: The Basis of Sustainable Design
By Szokolay

Publisher: Architectural Press 2008 | 358 Pages | ISBN: 0750687045 |
Second Edition.
Introducing the basics of architectural science, this book is an ideal reference, providing an understanding of the physical basis of architectural design. The knowledge gained from this book equips the reader with the tools to realize the full potential of the good intentions of sustainable, bioclimatic design.
All sections have been revised and updated for this second edition including more information on small scale energy generation methods and techniques. The book has also been reformatted to be even more accessible, with a larger page size and colour printing.
* Fully updated popular reference on the essentials of Architectural Science
* Reformatted and reorganised for greater ease of use
* Covers principles of heat, light, sound and energy control in just one volume
About the Author
By Dr. Steven Szokolay, dip. arch., m.arch., PhD

Download :
PDF | 3 MB

"Introduction to Architectural Science" - First edition
Architectural Press | 2003-10 | ISBN: 0750658495 | 320 pages |
Download : PDF | 5 MB

Identity by Design

Identity by Design
Publisher: Architectural Press | ISBN: 0750647671 | edition 2007 |
In a world of increasing globalisation, where one high street becomes interchangeable with the next, Identity by Design addresses the idea of place-making and the concept of identity, looking at how these things can be considered as an integral part of the design process.

Download: PDF | 298 pages | 26,7 mb

American Architecture: Ideas and Ideologies in the Late Twentieth Century

American Architecture: Ideas and Ideologies in the Late Twentieth Century
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 0471285293 | edition 2008 |
A landmark successor to the acknowledged classic, Architects on Architecture American Architecture Ideas and Ideologies in the Late Twentieth Century Paul Heyer From the author of the best-selling Architects on Architecture, here is an important new contribution to the history and theory of modern architecture. Arriving at an intriguing time of reevaluation of the early modern movement and growing sensitivities to historicism and cultural connectivity, this sequel offers a striking picture of much of the best work produced by America’s leading architects in the late twentieth century. Readers will receive an unprecedented look at the work of more than one hundred of the most important, most influential contemporary architects, examined in light of the evolution of new ideas and the advent of new technology. More than five hundred illustrations go beyond illumination of the text to function as an extraordinary pictorial history of the architect’s artistry.

Download: CHM | 304 pages | 13,1 mb

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Landscape Architecture - 04/2010

Landscape Architecture - the magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects provides timely information on built landscapes and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design.

Landscape Architecture - April 2010

Download: PDF | 159 pages (of 165) | 72 Mb | English 2010-04.pdf

Pencil Drawing Techniques

Pencil Drawing Techniques
Watson-Guptill| ISBN: 0823039919 | 1984-04-01

Download :
PDF | 138 pages | 39 Mb

Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Draw
preamble for all lessons
1) cityscape
2) cityscape up
3) cityscape down
4) room interior two point
5) railway
6) room interior CVP
6b) room interior cont.
7) letters
8) shadows basic
9) shadows 2
10) archway
10b) completed arch
11) road
11b) road continuded
12) book 12b) book continued
1) 'quick sketch page'
2) methods of shading
3) tennis and shadows
4) reference sheet
5) in three dimensions
6) a 'fork' in the road
7) portraiture
8) portraiture cont.
9) drawing roses

Download: How to Draw.pdf

Hospitality Design - 03/2010

Hospitality Design - March 2010

Hospitality Design is the leading publication and established web resource in the business. Providing comprehensive reporting on hotel industry news and exclusive coverage of the latest ecological-friendly green hotels and bar designs, HD Magazine keeps you updated on the latest hotel trends in technology and innovative ideas. From recent hotel renovations and openings to award-winning luxury hotels and hotel construction projects, HD Magazine keeps you informed on news that matters most to your hospitality business.

Download : PDF / 91 Mb / 124 pages

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Hotel Design - 03/2010

Hotel Design - March 2010

Download : True PDF | 36 pages | 9 Mb

AD - Emergence: Morphogenetic Design Strategies

Emergence: Morphogenetic Design Strategies (Architectural Design)
by Michael Hensel (Editor), Achim Menges (Editor), Michael Weinstock (Editor)

Download: 98 pages / english

AD - Italy: A New Architectural Landscape

"Italy: A New Architectural Landscape (Architectural Design)"
Edited by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi,
Wiley | ISBN: 0470031891 | 2007-07-02 | PDF | 144 pages | 20 Mb
Every five or six years, a different country takes the architectural lead in Europe: England came to the fore with High Tech in the early 80s; by the end of the 80s, France came to prominence with Francois Mitterand’s great Parisian projects; in the 90s, Spain and Portugal were discovering a new tradition; and recently the focus has been on The Netherlands. In this ever shifting European landscape, Italy is now set to challenge the status quo. Already home to some of the world’s most well-renowned architects - Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas and Antonio Citterio – it also has many talented architects like Mario Cucinella, Italo Rota, Stefano Boeri, the ABDR group and Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, who are now gaining international attention. Moreover there is an extraordinary emergence of younger architects – the Erasmus generation ­– that is beginning to realise some very promising buildings of their own.

Download : A New Architectural Landscape.pdf

Habitat - No.12 (Winter 2010)

Habitat - No.12 (Winter 2010)

Habitat looks at all the elements of our homes, both inside and out. It's coloured by Resene, but it's not just about painting. It covers the full spectrum of design, renovation and refurbishment - from the smallest to the largest projects to help you tackle your next decorating, refurbishment, renovation or new build project.

Download : PDF | 100 pages | 30,6 Mb | English 12 2010-winter.pdf

Archmodels vol.52 - trees, leaves and bushes

Archmodels vol. 52Archmodels vol. 52Archmodels vol. 52
Archmodels vol. 52
This collection comes with 60 models of trees, leaves and bushes.
Download : PDF-Review

Formats: V-Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
Download :
- Maps:
Archmodels.52 Trees_textures.part1.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_textures.part2.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_textures.part3.rar
- Max_Vray:
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part01.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part02.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part03.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part04.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part05.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part06.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part07.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part08.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part09.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part10.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part11.rar
Archmodels.52 Trees_vray.part121.rar

Archmodels vol.51 - Kitchen accessory

Archmodels vol. 51Archmodels vol. 51Archmodels vol. 51
Archmodels vol. 51
This collection comes with 77 models of kitchen accessory where you can find pots, coffee, wine, books, beer, plates, kettles, cuttings, boards, bowls, salts, peppers, ice, cream, candles, knives.
Download : PDF-Review

Formats: V-Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
Download :
- Kitchen accessory.rar
OR Kitchen accessory.rar

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NZ House & Garden - 04/2010

New Zealand House & Garden - April 2010
New Zealand's favourite home and lifestyle magazine, NZ House & Garden celebrates the homes, lifestyles and creativity of New Zealanders. Always a delight, NZ House & Garden explores an extraordinary variety of inspiring, beautiful and intriguing homes and gardens.

Download :
165 pages (of 178, min adv) | 61,8 Mb HaG 2010-04.pdf

New York Spaces - 04/2010

New York Spaces - April 2010
In short, New York Spaces is dedicated to helping affluent, acquisitive users enhance their private worlds — making it a remarkable showcase for the design community and advertisers alike.

Download : PDF | 116 pages | 38,5 Mb | English Spaces 2010-04.pdf

AD - Exuberance: New Virtuosity in Contemporary Architecture

"Exuberance: New Virtuosity in Contemporary Architecture"
(Architectural Design)
Edited by Marjan Colletti,
Wiley | ISBN: 0470717149 | 2009-05-10 | PDF | 144 pages | 20 Mb
This title of AD heralds a new era of exuberance in digital design. Having overcome the alienation and otherness of the cyber, having mastered the virtual qualities and protocols of the parametric, having achieved the intricacy and elegance of the digital, and having fully embraced the potential of 3d computer software and cad/cam manufacturing technologies, it is now time for architects to show off!

Conjure up the extravagance of furniture design, the abundance of cgi in Hollywood, the profuseness of bio-techno ornamentation or the lavishness of Middle-Eastern and Asian super-urbanism. Exuberance not only celebrates new Baroque theatricality, formal sophistication and digital virtuosity; it also debates a plethora of joyful and intelligent ways in which experimental architecture manages to cope with the contemporary turmoil in global politics, economics and ecology.

Download :

AD - Sensing the 21st Century City

"Sensing the 21st Century City: The Net City Close-up and Remote"
(Architectural Design)
David Grahame Shane, Brian McGrath,

Academy Press | ISBN: 0470024186 | 2005-12-16 | PDF | 128 pages | 17 Mb
Will cities exist in the next century? Or will everywhere be urban? Contemporary communication and transportation networks allow for greater urban dispersal, yet cities continue to centralise great densities of activities and innovations. What form will the 21st century city take? And what role will architects and urban designers take in shaping the future form of the city? The sensing of the city -- remotely and up close -- addresses an immense variety of issues, relating to the problems and complexities of contemporary and future urban design.

* Pulls together work by architects and urban designers at the forefront in their utilisation of remote sensing and telecommunications tools.
* Provides concise and accessible information on new scientific theories and technologies for a general architecture and urban design professional and student readership
* Features spectacular satellite and night-time light imagery
* Includes critical discussion on the politics of mass media and urban morphogenesis -- who will be the actors in shaping and designing the future of cities?
* It will have an interdisciplinary appeal - of interest to a wider audience of urban studies and future studies in general.

Download :

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Style at Home - 05/2010

Style at Home - May 2010

STYLE AT HOME brings an exciting and stylish voice to the world of home decorating. It's the primary choice for Canadians who are interested in living in style.

Download : PDF | 220 pages (of 278, min adv) | 62,7 Mb | English 2010-05.pdf

Concept for Living - 04/2010

Concept for Living - #137 - April 2010

For over ten years Concept For Living magazine has sought out the most exciting interior design projects that the North has to offer, showcased a diverse selection of cutting-edge, design-led products and provided Northern design enthusiasts with a creative commentary on the interiors industry. Jam packed with readers' homes and gardens, product features, interviews, profiles and regional design news, Concept For Living is the must-buy design magazine for the north of the UK.

Download: PDF | 130 pages | 44,8 Mb | English 2010-04.pdf

AD - Rationalist Traces

"Rationalist Traces (Architectural Design)"
Edit by Torsten Schmiedeknecht, Andrew Peckham,

Wiley | ISBN: 0470028378 | 2007-11-09 | PDF | 152 pages | 20 Mb
Modern European architecture has been characterised by a strong undercurrent of rationalist thought. Rationalist Traces aims to examine this legacy by establishing a cross-section of contemporary European architecture, placed in selected national contexts by critics including ?kos Morav?nszky and Josep Maria Montaner. Subsequent interviews discuss the theoretical contributions of Giorgio Grassi and OM Ungers, and a survey of Max Dudler and De Architekten Cie.'s work sets out a consistency at one remove from avant-garde spectacle or everyday expediency. In Germany Rationalism offers a considered representation of state institutions, while elsewhere outstanding work reveals different approaches to rationality in architecture often recalling canonical Modernism or the 'Rational Architecture' of the later postwar period. Whether evident in patterns of thinking, a particular formal repertoire, a prevailing consistency or exemplified in individual buildings, this relationship informs the mature work of Patrick Berger, Claus en Kaan Architecten, Carlos Ferrater, Cino Zucchi or Hans Kollhoff. The buildings and projects of a younger generation - Javier Garc?a Solera, GWJ Architekten AG, biq, Andrea Bassi or Beniamino Servino - present a Rationalism less conditioned by a concern to promote a unifying aesthetic. While often sharing a deliberate economy of means, or a sensual sobriety, they present a more oblique or distanced relationship with the defining work of the 20th century.

Download : Traces.pdf

AD - Interactive Architecture

"Interactive Architecture (Architectural Design)"
Edited by Lucy Bullivant,

Academy Press | ISBN: 0470090928 | 2005-03-25 | PDF | 128 pages | 18 Mb
In the next few years, emerging practices in interactive architecture are set to transform the built environment. ‘Smart’ design was once regarded as the preserve of museum exhibits or Jumbotrom advertising screens, but 'multi-mediated' interactive design has started entering into every domain of public and private life as a spatial medium, interactive architecture is revolutionising and reinventing our work, leisure and domestic spaces.

Fast-changing social contexts are dominated by the blurring of boundaries between work and play, information retrieval and use. Pliable and responsive digital environments raise the haptic and intuitive threshold of public and private space by harnessing physical and mental responses. Will interactive architecture embrace a wider scope of functions and experiences – from sensing mechanisms, to the info-lounge, to the ambient home environment and the holistic hospital – through customisable design possibilities?

Essays and interviews by international commentators Lucy Bullivant, guest editor of the issue, Ole Bouman, Antonino Saggio, Stefano Mirti and Walter Aprile and Mike Weinstock on the cultural issues raised by the emergence of interactive architecture will be complemented with features on acclaimed practitioners Christian Moller, Tobi Schneidler, Ron Arad and Jason Bruges. Benchmark interactive projects in this issue evolving new models of interdisciplinary teamwork include The Media House, led by Metapolis, IaaC and the MIT Media Lab and projects conceived at the Interactive Institute, Ivrea, Italy. New work is also featured by KDa/Toshio Iwai; realities: united, Usman Haque, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, Lars Spuybroek and the Institute of Neuro-Informatics, ETH, Zurich, Kitchen Rogers Design; IDEO, and Tom Barker, b consultants/SmartSlab.

Download :

AD - Closing the Gap: Information Models in Contemporary Design Practice

"Closing the Gap: Information Models in Contemporary Design Practice (Architectural Design)"
Edit by
Richard Garber,
Wiley | ISBN: 0470998202 | 2009-04-27 | PDF | 144 pages | 19 Mb
By closing the gap between conceptual design and the documentation required for construction, building information modelling (BIM) promises to revolutionise contemporary design practice. This issue of AD brings together a group of pioneering academics, architects, engineers and construction managers all of whom are engaged in the use of building information models in the actualisation of complex building projects, from design stage to construction. Key texts trace the development of building information modelling technologies and address issues of collaboration, design and management, while featured projects systematise the use of BIM in contemporary design practice for students and professionals alike faced with considering these tools within the changing marketplace.

•Covers a core area of technological development: BIM systems that span the gap between the design, manufacturing and construction processes.

•Key contributions from: Chuck Eastman, Cynthia Ottchen and Dennis Shelden of Gehry Technologies.

•Features work by: Asymptote, Greg Lynn FORM, KieranTimberlake, Morphosis and SHoP Architects.

Download : the gap.pdf

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AD - Collective Intelligence in Design

Christopher Hight, Chris Perry, "Collective Intelligence in Design (Architectural Design)"
Academy Press | ISBN: 0470026529 | 2006-12-11 | PDF | 136 pages | 22 Mb
Exploring how today’s most compelling architecture is emerging from new forms of collaborative practice, this title of AD engages three predominant phenomena: architecture’s relationship with digital and telecommunication technology; the media; and economies of globalisation. The articles in the issue explore the relationship between these readings and examine, for the first time, the implications of these phenomena upon forms of architectural invention and production. While much attention has been focused upon the influence of digital media on architectural form and technique, little has examined its far broader implications for forms of architectural practice. Yet, as with modernism and the professionalization of architecture at the end of the 19th century and the rise of architectural corporations in the mid-20th century, the future of architectural design will inevitably depend upon reconfigurations of architectural authorship.

Download : intelligence in design.pdf

AD - Manmade Modular Megastructures

"Manmade Modular Megastructures (Architectural Design)"
edited: Ian Abley, Jonathan Schwinge,

Springer | ISBN: 047001623X | 2006-04-28 | PDF | 128 pages | 14 Mb
There will be 8.3 billion human beings on Earth by 2030, and the more the better. We have the opportunity to create a world of expansive megacities - including one around old London. Doing so will advance the art, science and processes of manufacturing. But to deploy those abilities we must shrug off the dogma of sustainability that insists only small can be beautiful.

Humanity has come a long way since the first modular mega-structure was built at Ur, on land that is now Iraq. There, four millennia ago, and by hand, the Sumerians built a mud-brick ziggurat to their Gods. Today, the green deities of Nature we have invented for ourselves are worshipped with humility. Eco-zealots argue against the mechanised megaforming of landscape and the modularised production of megastructures

The guest editors, Jonathan Schwinge and Ian Abley of the London based research organisation audacity, call for development on a bold scale. They argue that by rapidly super-sizing the built environment society is not made vulnerable to natural or man-made hazards, and that design innovation surpasses bio-mimicry. Designers can learn from materials scientists working at the smallest of scales, and from systems manufacturers with ambitions at the largest. This issue calls for creative thinking about typologies and topologies, and considers what that also means for Africa, China, and Russia. Megacities everywhere demand integration of global systems of transport, utilities and IT in gigantic structures, constantly upgraded, scraping both the sky and the ground, outward into the sea.

Download :

Current Architecture Catalogues - Christian Hauvette

Christian Hauvette
kts. Christian hauvette và 1 số công trình tiêu biểu
GG - Catálagos de Arquitectura Contemporánea
(Current Architecture Catalogues)

Download :
- 4shared/Catalogos_de_Arquitectura_Contemporanea_-_Christian_Hauvette.pdf

Current Architecture Catalogues - Hans Kollhoff

Hans Kollhoff
GG - Catalogos de Arquitectura Contemporanea
(Current Architecture Catalogues)

Download: pdf (images) / 16,0 MB
- de Arquitectura Contemporanea - Hans Kollhoff.pdf

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AD - Turkey: At the Threshold

"Turkey: At the Threshold (Architectural Design)"
By Michael Hensel, Defne Sungurogl Hensel, Hulya Ertas,
John Wiley & Sons Ltd | ISBN: 0470743190 | 2010-01-22 | PDF | 144 pages | 22 Mb
Since the early 2000s, Turkey has undergone a remarkable economic recovery, accompanied by urban development and a cultural flowering. Positioned between an expanding EU and an unstable Middle East, Turkey provides a fascinating interface between the East and West.

Download : At the Threshold.pdf

AD - Digital Cities

"Digital Cities (Architectural Design)"
by Prof. Neil Leach,
Wiley | ISBN: 0470773006 | 2009-09-22 | PDF | 136 pages | 46 Mb
What is the impact of digital technologies on the design and analysis of cities? For the last 15 years, the profound impact of computer-aided techniques on architecture has been well charted. From the use of standard drafting packages to the more experimental use of generative design tools and parametric modelling, digital technologies have come to play a major role in architectural production. But how are they helping architects and designers to operate at the urban scale? And how might they be changing the way in which we perceive and understand our cities?

* Features some of the world’s leading experimental practices, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, R&Sie(n), Biothing and Xefirotarch.
* Takes in exciting emerging practices, such as moh architects, kokkugia and THEVERYMANY, and work by students at some of the most progressive schools, such as the AA, Dessau Institute of Architecture and RMIT.
* Contributors include: Michael Batty, Benjamin Bratton, Alain Chiaradia, Manuel DeLanda, Vicente Guallart and Peter Trummer.

Download : Cities.pdf

AD - Neoplasmatic Design

Neoplasmatic Design (Architectural Design) By Marcos Cruz, Steve Pike
Publisher: Wiley 2008-12-15 | 136 Pages | ISBN: 0470519584 | PDF | 34 MB

Investigating the current groundswell of experiments and creative work that utilises design as a method to explore and manipulate actual biological material, Neoplasmatic Design presents the impact of emerging and progressive biological advances upon architectural and design practice. The rapid development of innovative design approaches in the realms of biology, microbiology, biotechnology, medicine and surgery have immense significance for architecture, being as important for their cultural and aesthetic impact as for their technical implications.

•Featured architects include Peter Cook, Tobias Klein, Kol/Mac, MAKE, R&Sie, Neil Spiller and VenhoevenCS.
•Longer contributions from medical practitioners, architects and artists: Rachel Armstrong, Marcos Cruz, Anthony Dunne, Nicola Haines, Steve Pike, Yukihiko Sugawara, and Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr/SymbioticA.
•Features international research projects undertaken at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, the Royal College of Art in London, the University of Western Australia and the Nagaoka Institute of Design in Japan.

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Current Architecture Catalogues - Claus & Kaan

Claus and Kaan
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Claus & Kaan

GG - Catalogos de arquitectura contemporanea
(Current Architecture Catalogues)

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