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Lighting by Design

Christopher Cuttle - Lighting by Design, Second Edition
Architectural Press | 2008 | ISBN: 0750687681 | Pages: 264 | PDF | 9.8 MB
Lighting by Design provides guidance on where to find inspiration for lighting ideas, how to plan the technical detail and how to execute the plan to create safe, effective and beautiful schemes.

Christopher Cuttle's unique three level approach uses Observation, Visualisation and Realisation as the means to achieve these aims. Cuttle is a well known figure in the UK, US and Australia and New Zealand, with a wealth of experience of both teaching and practice.

This new edition is fully updated and produced in full colour with many new diagrams and photographs. It will be immensely useful to professional and student architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers.

* Benefit from Cuttle's extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm
* A technical guide that provides a thorough explanation of lighting theory
* Now with full colour images for clearer demonstration of key points


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