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Architectural Record 09/2003

Architectural Record September 2003
Interiors: Design Outside the Box
  • SCalatrava joins WTC team
  • Wright's plans for Bagdad explored
  • Set Pieces
    • Theater, opera and dance may not be built to last, but architects are designing them to be astonishing and memorable
Building Types Study
  • Record Interiors: Introduction
  • Shoebaloo, the Netherlands
    • - Meyer en van Schooten
      - A 19th-century building gets a luminously futuristic shoe shop
  • Bohen Foundation, New york City
    • - LOT/EK
      - Retrofitted shipping containers make for a reinvented are gallery.
  • Restaurante Les Cols, Spain
    • - RCR Arquitectos
      - Steel is the key ingredient in a daringly design restaurant.
  • Carlos Miele Flagship Store, New York City
    • -Asymptote
      - Sculptural forms meet Brazilian culture in a New York City shop.
  • Duane Street Loft, New York City
    • - Marpillero Pollak Architects
      - A loft goes from dark and narrow to open and filled with light.
  • COop Editorial, Santa Monica, California
    • - Pugh + Scarpa
      - A video-editing house gets rooms as freestanding objects
Digital Practice
  • At long last, hospitals are going high-tech
    • - Innovations are changing how health care is delivered--and how hospital are designed
  • Digital Architect
    • - WESKetch Architecture
      - Digital products

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