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10 X 10 100 Architects 10 Critics

10 X 10 : 100 Architects , 10 Critics

By Haig Beck, Jackie Cooper
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Number Of Pages: 468
Publication Date: 2004-03-01
ISBN / ASIN: 0714843792
EAN: 9780714843797
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: Phaidon Press
Studio: Phaidon Press

Book Description:
10x10 is a comprehensive view of new architecture today.
10 of the world's best-informed critics each selected 10
of the world's most exceptional emerging architects. The
diverse and innovative projects of these 100 architects
make up an inspirational and unique collection of recent
architecture. The book features over 250 buildings and
projects, including recently built work as well as projects
currently under construction and due for completion. Each
critic also contributes an essay exclusively for this
publication and has selected 10 works from varying genres
and media to illustrate the context in which architects
operate today.

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