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Architectural Record - 10/2003

Architectural Record October 2003

Urban Bento Box: Herzog & de Meuron Folds a Techno Wrapper Around Prada Tokyo

· Progress at WTC site
· An interview with the LMDC's Kevin Rampe
· Did green buildings work during the blackout?
· Challenging Norms: Eisenman's Obsessions
o Architect, teacher and theoretician Peter Eisenman discusses his role in architectural culture and how he wants to be remembered.
· Prada Aoyama, Tokyo Japan
o Herzog & de Meuron
o Structure and fashion are fused in Prada's flagship Tokyo store.
· FIU school of Architecture, Florida
o Bernard Tschumi Architects
o Colored buildings lend bold presence to an academic village
· DIA: Beacon, New York
o OpenOffice Arts + Architecture Collaborative
o An artist and an architect collaborate to create a powerful museum
· City of Music, Italy
o Renzo Piano Building Workshop
o In Rome, a stunning cultural center is knit from frayed urban fabric
Building Type Study
· Introduction: Performing Arts
· Neues Tempodrom, Germany
o Von Gerkan, Marg and Partner
· Hampstead Theatre, England
o Bennetts Associates Architects
· Performing Arts Center, Ohio
· Cesar Pelli & Associates
· Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre, Illinois
· Studio/Gang Architects
o 2003 PIA Awards
o Willoughby Barn
· El Dorado
o Shine Residence
· Koning Eizenberg Architecture
o Beaver's Lake House
· Pierre Thibault, architecte
o Residential Products

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