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New Offices

Cristina Montes,New Offices
Harper Design International Publishing | ISBN: 0060544708 | 2003 | PDF | 294 pages | 71.3 Mb

As the nature of work has evolved, so have the needs of the typical office space. This book provides hundreds of ideas that include the most advanced architecture and design from all over the globe including William Bruder and Beckson Design Associates from the US and Kuwabara Payne from Canada. Readers will have access not only to the latest ideas but architectural drawing plans to help them imagine solutions for their own work space. This global collection of examples ranges in office sizes from under 5,000 square feet to nearly a million square feet with everything in-between.

About the Author
Christina Montes is the editor of Country Weekend Homes and Beach Weekend Homes previously published by Harper Design International, and also contributes to various magazines specializing in decoration and interior design and she lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Download: offices.pdf

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