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An Evolutionary Architecture

An Evolutionary Architecture
Publisher: Architectural Association Publications
Date: 1995-01
ISBN: 1870890477

Book Description:
An Evolutionary Architecture can be considered, together
perhaps with Nicholas Negroponte's Architecture Machine
books, as one of the most important and inspiring references
on the use of computation in architecture and design. John
Frazer describes in his book groundbreaking work carried
during more than twenty years in diverse academic institutions,
especially as the head of Unit 11 at the Architectural
Association, and in collaboration with diverse architects and
students. Building on the foundations laid by Cybernetician
Gordon Pask during the sixties, the work explained in the book
takes to its furthest, most fascinating consequences the
possibility of an autogenic, self-organising, evolutionary
architecture. Through its pages, and with the examples of
wonderful devices, Frazer questions fundamental architectural
concepts such as those of design, intention and purpose. This
book should be indispensable to anyone interested in the
creative use of computation in design. Besides becoming
paradigmatic in the relation of self-organisation, emergence
and other essential concepts to architecture, it essentially
addresses the latent possibilities of the computer as a
generative, creative engine of design.

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