Thứ Bảy, 6 tháng 2, 2010

Hypershot plugin for sketchup

Hypershot 1.9.21 for win 32bit

This plugin integrates SketchUp and HyperShot by putting the "HyperShot" button directly into the menu of SketchUp. After installing SketchUp and HyperShot, simply install the plugin. The installer will take care of putting all the files into the right places. This plugin gives you a one to one translation of your SketchUp scene into HyperShot: geometry, camera, window size.

HyperShot's really fast for prototyping. It's a very simple concept but: modeling in SketchUp 15 min. textures in Illustrator 2 min. and rendering in HyperShot 15 min. What more can you ask for? This example is for very fast conception of a room with my customers.

Hypershot.32 1.9.21.part1.rar
Hypershot.32 1.9.21.part2.rar

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