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Architectural Record - 02/2010

Architectural Record - February 2010
Bold New Acts A Theater, an Opera House, and a Concert Hall
· Bold New Acts: Three performing arts centers conceived in architecture's halcyon years.
o Dallas Arts District
o Winspear Opera House, Texas
§ Foster + Partners
o Performing Arts Centers and Acoustics: When size matters
o Wyly Theatre, Texas
o Performing Arts Centers and Acoustics: Dramatically reconfigurable
o Copenhagen Concert Hall, Copenhagen
§ Ateliers Jean Nouvel
o Performing Arts Centers and Acoustics: Model behavior
Building Types Study: Schools of the 21st Century
· Adaptive Reuse
o Three obsolete structures are repurposed for the 21st century.
· Ford Assembly Building, California
o Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects
· Sand Studios and Residence, California
o Sand Studios
· Punta della Dogana, Italy
o Tadao Ando
· Armani/5th Avenue, New York City
· Canada Line, Vancouver
· Mitchell Park Conservatory, Wisconsin
· Lighting Products

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