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Cox Architects (Master Architect Series I)

Cox Architects (Master Architect Series I) [Architecture / Design] By Images Publishing Group Pty.Ltd
Publisher:Images Publishing Group Pty.Ltd ,Australia | 256 Pages | 1997-12-31 | ISBN-9057037416 | PDF | 76.82 MB

THE MASTER ARCHITECT SERIES is a series of monographs on some of the greatest architects and architectural firms of our time.
The Cox Group of architects is one of the most prominent practices of the last forty years of Australian architecture. Beginning with work by Philip Cox in Sydney in the 1960s, it developed through a series of projects for the National Capital Development Commission in Canberra in the seventies and early eighties and expanded through Australia. In recent years there have been an increasing number of large overseas projects. The breadth of work is impressive – from houses to hospitals, bus ters to urban planning. Impressive, too, is the assurance of the work, and how much of it reflects and has influenced what has come to be regarded as characterising recent Australian architecture: steel and glass and masonry articulated in bright light, with a spirit of informal but controlled inventiveness and sometimes complex but always carefully coordinated geometry.

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